Abstracts 2

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AA010238 She Comes

She Comes to Me

She Comes to Me  

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AA010237 She Comes


Teeming <<<>>>  

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AA010236 Teeming

Alien Chambers

Alien Chambers <<<>>>  

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AA010235 Alien

Pachyderm Sorrento

Pachyderm Sorrento <<<>>>  

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AA010234 Sorrento

To the Limits

To the Limits <<<>>>  

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AA010233 Limits

Amiable Diatribe

Amiable Diatribe <<<>>>  

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AA010232 Amiable

Be Holder

Be Holder <<<>>>  

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AA010231 Be Holder

It’s in the Motherland

It’s in the Motherland <<<>>>  

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AA010230 Motherland

Traverse to Reach

Traverse to Reach <<<>>>  

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AA010228 Flash1


Flash <<<>>>  

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AA010227 Smattered Vestige

Smattered Vestige

Smattered Vestige <<<>>>  

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AA010226 She Sees Beyond

She Sees Beyond

She Sees Beyond <<<>>> ..

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AA010225 Fountain Of Life

Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life <<<>>>  

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AA010224 Tree Of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life <<<>>> ..

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AA010223 Showtime


Showtime   ..

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AA010222 The Fairies

The Fairies

The Fairies <<<>>>  

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AA010221 Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism <<<>>>  

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AA010220 Lair Of Hellene

Lair of Hellene

Lair of Hellene <<<>>>  

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AA010219 Sparkled


Sparkled <<<>>>  

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AA010218 Crow Sublime

Crow sublime

Crow sublime <<<>>> ..

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AA010217 Nebulous Persuasion

Nebulous Persuasion

Nebulous Persuasion <<<>>>  

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AA010216 Spiral Of Love

Spiral of Love

Spiral of Love <<<>>>

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AA010215 Flow Of Daphnis

Flow of Daphnis

Flow of Daphnis <<<>>>  

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AA010214 In The Flow

In The Flow

In The Flow <<<>>> .

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AA010213 Buddhas Return

Buddha’s Return

Buddha’s Return <<<>>>  

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AA010212 Crystal Gazes

Crystal Gazes

Crystal Gazes <<<>>> .

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AA010211 Jump Start

Jump Start

Jump Start <<<>>>  

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AA010210 By Any Stretch

By Any Stretch

By Any Stretch <<<>>>  

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AA010209 The Sentinal

The Sentinal

The Sentinal <<<>>>  

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AA010208 The Absolute

The Absolute

The Absolute The theme of heavenly birth is explored here   Like a meteor, a bolt of pure light streaks …

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AA010207 On To Pandora

On To Pandora

On To Pandora A celestial event is taking place In a wild sweeping panorama this huge flower of energy is …

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AA010206 Land The Scape

Land The Scape

Land The Scape This piece reveals the rib-cage of a cloud floating in a misty landscape of thorns and fire.

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AA010205 We Have Arrived

We Have Arrived

We Have Arrived A bright wondrous dancer moves before a crowd of onlookers on the lower right. Her torso is …

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AA010204 Profound


Profound From left to right a black forest collapses into a pink rectangle full of lights. This piece reveals an …

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AA0102 03

Yin Yang

Yin Yang Male energy in motion, passionate with gifts and music, enters a feminine universe dark, crystalline, mysterious.

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AA0102 02


Monet This piece portrays an underwater implosion, in a slow storm of color shrinking in a spiral toward a distant …

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AA0102 01


Dreamflight Here I imagine the inside of a birds eye and the sweeping vision of the world seen during flight.

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