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AA131334 Yukon


Yukon A Small group of Maui friends and I visited for two weeks, at a wilderness camp in the Yukon …

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AA131333 Cottage

Adventures of Windjammer Cottage

Adventures of Windjammer Cottage On a journey in a  house bus we ended up at a magnificent overlook in Steamboat …

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AA131330 Time

Time at Makena

Time at Makena A walk on Makena Beach Maui at Sunset was always a glorious moment.  

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AA131332 Volcano


Volcano Painted during my first months in Maui, Hawaii   This came to me through amalgamations of stories in history …

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AA131331 Bath

Venus Bath

Venus Bath Based on Hadrian’s Villa near Rome   My continued interest in ancient cultures of Italy and Greece, along …

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AA131329 Fleeting

The Fleeting

The Fleeting This painting is based on an unusual dream. I used my own hand as a model to connect …

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AA131328 Senso Ji

Senso-ji Pagoda

Senso-ji Pagoda Ever intrigued over Japanese architecture and pagodas, after visiting Japan and Nepal, I continued to paint more versions. …

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AA131337 Pagoda


Pagoda I acquired some nice pieces of jadeite, and worked on several Chinese pagoda scenes, incorporating the jadeite into the …

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AA131336 Landing

Makena Landing

Makena Landing I lived in this very special area of Maui and painted what I considered one of the nicer …

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AA131335 Pools

Lovers Pool

Lovers Pool A lovely swimming hole we enjoyed visiting and spending the afternoon, was near where I lived in rural …

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AA131326 Hippo


Hippocamp Hippocamp is a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology, though the name by which it is recognised …

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AA131325 Himeji

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle Fascinated by Japanese architecture after returning from Japan, I painted this castle on a beautiful slab of Jadeite. …

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AA131324 FandV Feature

Fruit and Vine

Fruit and Vine I came into a very fine piece of lapis lazuli stone, and a still life  emerged. All …

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AA131323 Elk

Elk and Eagle

Elk and Eagle I bought a large piece of turquoise at a gem show. Sometime later I decided to paint …

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AA131322 Cry

Cry in the Wilderness

Cry in the Wilderness It was the middle of a beautiful winter in Maui and I thought it would be …

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AA131321 Jug

Barn Jug

Barn Jug I discovered an abandoned barn near where I lived in rural Washington state and went inside. Inside I …

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AA131327 Hula

Hula Sunset

Hula Sunset If you view a glass you can see your own refrection in the glass, or whatever you can …

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AA131317 Golden Feature

Golden Temple

Golden Temple After spending about a week bicycling and exploring the many temples of Kyoto Japan, I gained a considerable …

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AA131320 Indian

Indian Fishing

Indian Fishing Leaving a considerable amount of the jadeite rock exposed, I incorporated this painting into the composition for the …

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AA131319 Pond

Pond Faeries

Pond Faeries The fairies of the elemental kingdom are gathering by a small wooded river.  

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AA131318 Lily

Lily Fairy

Lily Fairy A fairy series featuring various flowers with an elemental. A fairy is a type of mythical being or …

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AA131315 Castle

Castle Faeries

Castle Faeries A depiction of two Fairy elementals, reveling in a field of daisies near to a medieval castle.  

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AA131316 Fushia

Fushia Fairy

Fushia Fairy A fairy series featuring various flowers with an elemental. A fairy is a type of mythical being or …

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AA131314 Lagoon

Lagoon Falls

Lagoon Falls After a visit to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, I went to a Lagoon that gave me another …

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AA131313 Hybiscus

Hibiscus Waterfall

Hibiscus Waterfall This waterfall being somewhat near my house, was a wilderness hike to get there but well worth it. …

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AA160509 Jenna


Jenna Jenna was a wonderful lady I knew on Maui in those days. She sat for this live portrait, and …

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AA160514 JapanFeature

Old Japan

Old Japan After returning to Maui from Asia and Japan, an idea relating to a Japanese subject came up and …

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AA160512 Native

Native Americans

Native Americans A collection of 11 miniatures created over a four-year period, painted on various rocks and antler.  

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AA160510 LGosset

Lou Gosset Jr.

Lou Gosset I was introduced to Lou Gossett’s girlfriend by a collector friend of mine. She wanted to give Lou …

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AA160508 JHL

Jagger Hendrix Lennon

Jagger Hendrix Lennon Rock Stars on Rocks   This is a small (3) line of oil works I called “rock …

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AA160506 Ingrid


Ingrid Ingrid was a long time girlfriend and I painted her more than once. I created a major size painting …

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AA140111 KW 2

Kipahulu Waterfalls II

Kipahulu Waterfalls-2    

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AA140110 KW 1

Kipahulu Waterfalls I

Kipahulu Waterfalls-1    

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AA131310 TandC

Tulips and Chardin

Tulips and Chardin A Small corner of an 18th century house   A painting by Chardin can be seen hanging …

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AA131307 Thyang

Procession from Thyangboche

Procession from Thyangboche An inspiration after returning from my trip to Nepal and trecking up in the Himalaya mountains. Looking …

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AA131312 Winter


Winter After a long absence of painting miniatures, this piece became proof that I still could paint them. Even though …

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AA131311 Versailles


Versaille Neptune Fountain An inspiration of my trip to Paris and The Palace of Versaille,  France in 1993. This is …

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Little Woods

Little Woods

Little Woods A “Plein Air” depicting a small woodland within a pasture of upcountry Ulupalakua, Maui.

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AA131304 Kathmandu 6x8


Kathmandu On my visit to Kathmandu Nepal, I rented a room at the top of an old hotel. This had …

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AA131302 Ginger

Ginger Waterfall

Ginger Waterfall My years on the jungle side of Maui influenced a number of pieces including this one. Depicted here …

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