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Misty Cove


An amalgamation of places, coastlines and feelings of the seashore



SKU: AA140130
Title: Misty Cove
Subject: Oregon coast
Location: Sonoma County
Completed: 2010
Pieces: One
Medium: Oil on  Canvas
Style: Classic Realism
Colors: Blue, Gold, Black
Signed: Yes
Frame: n/a
Purchase: Giclee, Original

space-tDriving south on the Oregon coast I noticed a pullover lookout spot and turned in.

There was a magnificent overlook of two bays and rock pinnacles. I was so moved by this view that I decided I would have to paint this.

To The painting I added fog and a coastline that would carry you far into the distance. I also included pelicans and in the foreground, sea lions. From Bodega Bay California, I added the ice plants and rock formations
to the foreground.


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