Nature World 2

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AA140126 Autumn


Autumn Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year and presents the most beautiful colors of nature. This …

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AA140122 SandF

The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly An old house where I lived in Santa Monica in the 1960s, had many shrubs …

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AA140107 Pastures

Green Pastures

Green Pastures One of my hikes in the uplands of Maui I encountered a small woodland in the middle of …

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AA140106 GHour

Golden Hour

Golden Hour Driving a peaceful road during sunset I looked over and there was this scene, which struck me, and …

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AA140105 GBough

Golden Bough

Golden Bough On one of the prettiest walks I know, I had been admiring a row of large, old oak …

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AA140120 SJ2

Sylvan Joy II

Sylvan Joy II A short walk on a beautiful back road late in the day, I came upon this scene.  …

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AA140121 SJ 1

Sylvan Joy

Sylvan Joy Friends who have a ranch in a remote part of Northern California, host an annual gathering of friends. …

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AA140119 SBeauty

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty Every springtime I would notice and enjoy the numerous wildflowers. I selected the tiny pink flowers of the …

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AA140114 Mist1


Mist Ever intrigued by the coastlines of Oregon this piece reflects a visit to Cannon Beach, where it seemed always …

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AA140124 Tsprings

Toad Springs

Toad Springs After spending a cold winter in Wisconsin, I ended up in sunny Arkansas. There I spent three months …

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AA140123 Vineyards 3

The Vineyards

The Vineyards An old house where I lived briefly in 1976 in Northern California, had this exact view. I painted …

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AA140115 MUlu

Morning in Ulupalakua

Morning Ulupalakua A companion piece to Evening in Ulupalakua, morning presents a different view looking across the whole of the …

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AA140112 Libra


Libra This painting was done Plein Aire style which was rewarding to be out in nature and not in the …

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AA140111 KW 2

Kipahulu Waterfalls II

Kipahulu Waterfalls-2    

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AA140110 KW 1

Kipahulu Waterfalls I

Kipahulu Waterfalls-1    

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AA140108 HouseSun

House of the Sun

House of the Sun Haleakala – House of the Sun In my many visits to the volcano crater of Haleakala …

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AA140104 Eden

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden The ultimate vision of paradise on earth, this work represents research from the original narrative of the …

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AA140103 EUlu

Evening in Ulupalakua

Evening Ulupalakua From my home in Maui, I could walk to this view in five minutes. The eucalyptus tree seen …

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AA140102 Bird

Bird of Change

Bird of Change I found the bird had been killed by a cat where I lived in the islands (Camano …

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AA140101 Pompeii

Avi Pompeii

Avi Pompeii A glimpse of the bird life in Pompeii as the ancient bird-bath still serves today as an aviary …

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AA130510 Land

We Are The Land

We Are The Land I envisioned the King and Queen together   Ulupalakua Maui has one of the most amazing …

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AA130509 Kiss

The Kiss

The Kiss Metamorphic Romanticism between two lovers   Nature kissing nature, in this piece I actually saw a somewhat crude …

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AA130504 Mnature

Mother Nature

Mother Nature This lacks the sophistication of later metamorphic works and is an early example of this genre. It is …

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AA140126 VFord

Valley Ford

Valley Ford This picture is framed in a carved wood frame and Olive liner.  

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New Life Copy

New Life

New Life Sebastopol California is Famous for its Apples. Noticing one Old tree near my house, it seemed to be …

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AA140132 BSun

Bridge to the Sun

Bridge to the Sun <<<>>>  

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AA140133 9 Am

First Light

First Light A bright 1870’s morning at a typical farm with hills of olives and oaks. Comes framed in a …

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AA131312 Winter


Winter After a long absence of painting miniatures, this piece became proof that I still could paint them. Even though …

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AA131306 Perceiving Beauty

Perceiving Beauty

Perceiving Beauty One day I walked to a vista that I loved very much. Standing there I viewed a mother …

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Little Woods

Little Woods

Little Woods A “Plein Air” depicting a small woodland within a pasture of upcountry Ulupalakua, Maui.

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AA130501 Elephant Fix


Elefantasia I have special endearment for the elephant In this painting elephants were included everywhere. If you look carefully, you will …

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