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AA160519 Tasha


Tasha My friend’s daughter who posed for this portrait.  

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Spencer   The Little Prince   Spencer and his sister Macy, were the grandchildren of some collectors of my art. …

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AA160516 Redhead

Deva’s Dance

Deva’s Dance A friend with a strong commitment to dance and some clothes to heighten the effect of her love …

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AA160515 Ossian

Ossian at Swayambu

Ossian at Swayambu A filmmaker and friend Thomas Anderson commissioned this small work to be a souvenir and portrait of …

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AA160511 Macy


Macy Macy and her brother Spencer, were the grandchildren of some collectors of my art. They asked me if I …

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AA160504 Tibet

Free Tibet

Free Tibet “The Tibetans are as free as any people I’ve ever encountered”   In 1981 my friend, a filmmaker …

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AA160501 Andrew


Portraits This is me as I saw myself in 1984   A local photographer  organized a self-portrait art exhibition for …

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AA220922 Enchant

The Enchantment

The Enchantment This painting incorporates many elements of the Celtic culture and the magical Fairy realms. Tiny fairies make up …

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AA220909 Beloved

Enchanted Beloved

Enchanted Beloved My second major painting in a series depicting the world of  fairies and elves.   In this version, …

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AA160525 Madonna

Samarian Madonna

Samarian Madonna One could say a Madonna is an idealized spiritual person and seeker of truth. The clear light She …

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Sadhu Samadhi

Sadhu Samadhi My journey to Asia was unforgettable. Nepal was my main focus and I was anxious to see everything. …

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AA160527 Mary Of Magdala

Mary of Magdala

Mary of Magdala My friend Elizabeth Kelly, an authority on Mary Magdalene, introduced me to the legends of Mary. I …

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AA160513 Nofspi

Nature of Spirit

Nature of Spirit My journey to Nepal, Asia was an unforgettable experience.   The visit coincided with a Hindu Shiva-Ratri …

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AA160521 Nina


Nina <<<>>>  

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AA140125 Vista


Vista <<<>>>     AR 20131126

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AA160524 Unspoken2

The Unspoken

The Unspoken <<<>>>  

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AA160528 JandJ

Juniper and Jade

Juniper and Jade Juniper is someone I admired very much. Flowers were one of her favorite things in the world …

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AA160529 DParty

Dinner Party

Dinner Party My friend Thea, hosts a wonderful dinner party in celebration of her own birthday in August. There is …

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AA131308 Pink

The Pink Princess

The Pink Princess   No other figure in the Chinese pantheon appears in a greater variety of images, of which …

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AA220920 Goddess

Return of the Goddess

Return of the Goddess Ancient Greek Goddess whose devotees have gathered to witness the return of the Goddess A ruined …

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AA220905 Dance

Dance of Life

Dance of Life In dance of life we are wandering through many dance traditions to realizing our very own dance …

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AA160520 TheLastSession

The Last Session

The Last Session I was visiting a long time patron and great friend when the notion came up to do …

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AA160507 Invocation


Invocation Hawaiian lore – summoning of a deity for assistance The Hawaiian woman is invoking ancient mystical powers. She, or …

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Sophia I grew up with Sophia Loren and I was excited to do a metamorphic work of Italy with her …

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AA160505 FunAtTheLake

Fun at the Lake

Fun at the Lake A commemoration of my five month visit to Peter and Signe Bale in Wisconsin. They inherited …

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