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AA220922 Enchant

The Enchantment

The Enchantment This painting incorporates many elements of the Celtic culture and the magical Fairy realms. Tiny fairies make up …

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AA220909 Beloved

Enchanted Beloved

Enchanted Beloved My second major painting in a series depicting the world of  fairies and elves.   In this version, …

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AA220912 Isis1

Isis Rising

Isis Rising Divine Mother of the Egyptian gods The Egyptian name Isis, means; “woman of the throne”. Osiris and Isis …

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AA220913 Lemurian

Lemurian Sunrise

Lemurian Sunrise The lost civilization, Lumeria, can be seen in the rocks.   Evocative of third eye consciousness, the mandallic …

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AA220929 VenusE

Venus Enthralled

Venus Enthralled When I painted this, I was intrigued by still photographs of women with their wet hair flying. The …

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AA220915 MHall

Mountain Hall

Mountain Hall An open hand in the fields reaches out; our bird is free and will continue to hatch her …

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AA220914 Ascension

Luminous Ascension

Luminous Ascension An area between heaven and earth with the Angels. This angel beckons the souls emerging from the earth …

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AA220927 UneF

Une Femme

Une Femme A complete woman, “Une Femme” self-sufficient, a whole universe. One enters the painting from the bottom where the …

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AA220928 VenusT

Venus Triumphant

Venus Triumphant My visits to Italy and Greece brought me to the Mythologies: the story of Venus came into focus. …

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AA131308 Pink

The Pink Princess

The Pink Princess   No other figure in the Chinese pantheon appears in a greater variety of images, of which …

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AA220931 Winged1

Winged Shining

Winged Shining Women in their evening gowns are metamorphosing next to a melting staircase.   The lady on the left is …

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AA220930 Sprites

Water Sprites

Water Sprites Water sprites are said to be able to breathe water or air, and in some cases, can fly. …

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AA220924 TLight

Toward the Light

Toward the Light As a woman struggles from dark to the light. She leaves behind the skin of her former …

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AA220921 Aphrodite

Temple of Aphrodite

Temple of Aphrodite Ancient greeks row out to a temple on a lake to honor Aphrodite with flowers and salutations. …

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AA220920 Goddess

Return of the Goddess

Return of the Goddess Ancient Greek Goddess whose devotees have gathered to witness the return of the Goddess A ruined …

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AA220916 MLove

Mystery of Love

Mystery of Love As we gaze into each others eyes we see our light within. This is a cave setting …

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AA220901 AinH

Alaska in Hawaii

Alaska in Hawaii The lasting connection between Alaska and Hawaii is like a rope made of many strings. Alaska and …

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AA220908 Time

Emerge In Time

Emerge In Time As the camel emerges from the window of time and inner-dimensionality is surrounding all of us, the …

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AA220907 EEnigma

Egyptian Enigma

Egyptian Enigma Through a civilization whose primary orientation was mystical, whose art forms were exquisite, whose culture was unique inter …

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AA220906 Echos1

Echos of the Immortals

Echos of the Immortals  

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AA220905 Dance

Dance of Life

Dance of Life In dance of life we are wandering through many dance traditions to realizing our very own dance …

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AA220904 0827x Canefire

Canefire – Peter Moon Band

Canefire The owner of Pannini records came to me and said he would like me to do the cover for …

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AA220903 Mana

Bridge of Mana

Bridge of Mana The rainbow warrior tradition is part of of the shamans journey in worldwide shamanic traditions. The array …

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AA220911 Santorini

Goddess of Santorini

Goddess of Santorini As a result of my visit to Greece I created a painting, upon my return, called the …

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Urn Of Posidean

Urn Of Poseidon

Urn of Poseidon His main domain is the ocean, and he is called the “God of the Sea” I envisioned …

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AA130110 LifeForce

Life Force

Life Force   By far the quirkyist  marine piece I have painted to date! The idea is the ocean sea …

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GuardiansOfTheGrail 2

Guardians of the Grail

Guardians of the Grail From the Lost World Series Amidst the very essence of Medieval art and Gothic architecture, the …

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